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so a month as passed (roughly) since I last posted and I managed to lose a bit over two pounds so I'm now weighting in at 146,5 lbs. I changed my eating habits over the past month, less sweets and more fruit and vegetables and I decreased my portion sizes. I already feel healthier :) and that is awesome, so the stress at work isn't getting to me that much. I'm pretty use doing yoga is also helping immensely, because whenever I feel overwhelmed by work I just take ten minutes, do a few poses and feel more relaxed and ready to go at it.
I've also added some ski workout to my routine, because I'm off to my snowboard vacation in a mere two weeks. And that too is a major pick-me up.
Hope that your first month in this new year was equally successful
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I did 33 minutes on the eliptical today. I was so excited. The first time I was on there I thought I would die after 2 minutes. I've lost 126 so far. Still working out at least 3-5 times a week.
Wow, that sounds absolutely great and definitely one hell of an achievement.