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Hi folks,

First of all, I am so psyched this community exists. Ever since I started watching H5-0 a couple of months ago the whole team has been my inspiration and motivation. I've set myself the goal of learning to surf next summer (I'm in Australia, so next December), and have started training for it by doing Body Balance once a week (Mix of yoga, pilates and tai chi for core strength and balance), and Swimming (obvious reasons) to condition my body. I'm at about 85kg now, although this time around (repeat offender...) I'm trying to focus less on my weight and more on changing up my lifestyle. I've been doing Karate for over a year and want to involve more exercises that I find fun and challenging, not just repetitive workouts.
        I enjoy running but have foot/leg problems that my podiatrist hasn't been able to help with, no matter how much money I throw at him >.< I'm thinking of seeing a Chiroprachter to see if that will help. This community doesn't seem very active but just having a place to come and chart my own progress will help. I the only one that sometimes imagines Steve pushing them on during a workout?
Tags: inspiration, intro post, running, surfing, visualization
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and welcome :)
Hope you'll have fun in this community and that you can find some nice tips.
Sounds like quite a program you've got going on, but definitely sounds great.
I'm a jogger through and through and yeah sometimes Steve is yelling at me to go on, to run one more minute.
Whew, I've been away for a while! I started running regularly because of this community, and recently I added some high intensity interval training to my daily routine. ( is where I get the workouts, if you're interested - they have a new one practically every day, they're super intense, and they're free! I also do tabata sprints once a week, and they're killer.) But you sound way more active than me!

I totally visualize Steve as a mental coach. Or Kono. But usually Steve. :)