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Run for your lives!

Starting next week, I am making myself get back on the wagon. In 13 weeks, I will be participating in the Baltimore leg of Run For Your Lives. I am going to use the Couch-to-5K training program to train. The training program is for 9 weeks, so I figure if I end up repeating the first 4 weeks to help build my endurance, it's okay because I have 13 weeks starting next week until the 5K, so that's plenty of time for me to make sure I stick to the training plan, plus my weight training I want to do, to get closer to a better shape than I am in and do this.

While I know that I can also walk the course, but I really do want to try and jog and get my endurance up since this is also an obstacle course on top of a 5K. I'm really looking forward to it as well. I hope that the wave I want to get into doesn't fill up- though I think I am just going to suck it up and register tomorrow so I know. I'm a little nervous, I admit.

So next week is me, essentially, rebooting. Because I'm giving myself a part-way goal to reach by participating in this 5K. And since I get paid tomorrow, this also means I can start budgeting better for fruits and veggies to do my green smoothies. When I did them almost every day last week, they seemed to boost me a bit more. If I can get on a regular regime of having them in the mornings and maybe a smaller one at night, I think it'll help greatly. The e-booklet I got on that was very informative.

Check In

so a month as passed (roughly) since I last posted and I managed to lose a bit over two pounds so I'm now weighting in at 146,5 lbs. I changed my eating habits over the past month, less sweets and more fruit and vegetables and I decreased my portion sizes. I already feel healthier :) and that is awesome, so the stress at work isn't getting to me that much. I'm pretty use doing yoga is also helping immensely, because whenever I feel overwhelmed by work I just take ten minutes, do a few poses and feel more relaxed and ready to go at it.
I've also added some ski workout to my routine, because I'm off to my snowboard vacation in a mere two weeks. And that too is a major pick-me up.
Hope that your first month in this new year was equally successful


Happy New Year

I hope that everyone had a great start into the new year and that you all had some great holidays.
But now it's time to get back up on the horse (so to speak :)) and get back to working out. So I started the new year with a nice 5K run and twenty minutes of yoga.
I'm currently weighting in at 149 lbs and I hope to get down to 143 lb by March. And I'd like to run 10K by February. That's my New Year's resolutions. What's yours?
And also: Nothing is impossible:

Check-In and Rant

life's been a tad bit hard for me in the past few weeks. I generally go to work when it's dark and it's dark out, when I leave work again. And I'm busy running through the lab during work. But that unfortunately means that I neglected working out. Mostly running/jogging was affected and I really need to kick my butt into going again. But running really isn't much fun, when your arm feels like it doesn't belong to you.
I've unfortunately got an inflamed nerve in my elbow, which means that my fingers randomly fall asleep, my elbow hurts and sometimes the whole arm feels numb and like it's not really attached. It's slowly getting better, but the doctor has forbidden me to do anything strenuous with the arm to not aggravate it even more. Which is logical, but still annoying. So most of my work-out routine I do at home fell flat.
That's been going on now for three weeks and I have another five ahead of me, before I have to go and get the nerve tested again. I still do some basic core-work out without using my arms and I ignored the order not to drive my bike, because I refuse to take the urban railway. But I did canceled my weekend trips into the forest. That annoys me incredible and I'm rather frustrated at the moment and the longer it goes on, the worse it gets.

I do hope your past weeks have been better. Check-In with your progress reports, I need something positive :)


Hi folks,

First of all, I am so psyched this community exists. Ever since I started watching H5-0 a couple of months ago the whole team has been my inspiration and motivation. I've set myself the goal of learning to surf next summer (I'm in Australia, so next December), and have started training for it by doing Body Balance once a week (Mix of yoga, pilates and tai chi for core strength and balance), and Swimming (obvious reasons) to condition my body. I'm at about 85kg now, although this time around (repeat offender...) I'm trying to focus less on my weight and more on changing up my lifestyle. I've been doing Karate for over a year and want to involve more exercises that I find fun and challenging, not just repetitive workouts.
        I enjoy running but have foot/leg problems that my podiatrist hasn't been able to help with, no matter how much money I throw at him >.< I'm thinking of seeing a Chiroprachter to see if that will help. This community doesn't seem very active but just having a place to come and chart my own progress will help.

Sooo....am I the only one that sometimes imagines Steve pushing them on during a workout?

Let the fight begin

I have been incredibly... bad about getting to the gym and working out. I am just horrible, horrible, horrible about discipline in a lot of ways with working out/eating right/etc. I *want* to lose the weight and I want to be healthy, but getting to a point where it doesn't feel like a chore takes time and I feel impatient when it comes to it. I can be a very patient person in many circumstances; this does not appear to be one of those things. So a fight it will be.

I say fight because it is for me, at least right now. Example: I had my alarm set to get me up so I can take out Anubis, get dressed, crate him and head to the gym. All I wanted to do when I stumbled out of bed was set my alarm for just one more hour of sleep. But I didn't let it talk me into that! I got up, drudge downstairs to take the pooch out, dressed, crated him, drove to the gym, did my workout, showered, came to work. Day 1 of back to working out has been a success.

This will not be the norm. No, that's wrong. I want this to be the norm in terms of getting up and going, but today was just a tiny, miniscule victory in a very large war. No pun intended on that one. I will be fighting myself every day for awhile to get up and go do what needs to be done. With this battle, I decided to change my strategy a bit too.

This is what I *had* been doing:

  • Vertical chest press- 80 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Compound row- 85 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Overhead press- 60 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Super pullover- 150 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Preacher curl- 55 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Lower back- 145 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Leg extension- 145 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Leg press- 175 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

Today I did this:

  • Vertical chest press- 80 lbs- 8 reps- 3 circuits

  • Compound row- 85 lbs- 8 reps- 3 circuits

  • Overhead press- 60 lbs- 8 reps- 3 circuits

  • Super pullover- 150 lbs- 8 reps- 3 circuits

  • Preacher curl- 55 lbs- 8 reps- 3 circuits

  • Leg extension- 145 lbs- 8 reps- 3 circuits

  • Leg press- 175 lbs- 8 reps- 3 circuits

I took out the lower back workout on my heavy lifting days. I'm going to focus on the legs, chest and arms. The upper back gets a workout with a few machines, especially the super pullover. On my non-heavy lift days, my plan of attack is to do 10 minutes of cardio, the same weight lifting reps/circuits but on much lower weights, like at least half on a few of them, adding in the lower back, then another 10 minutes of cardio. I am thinking on the elliptical, because that thing gets my heart to pumping something fierce.

A mini-victory as well. With the way the super pullover works is you start with the bar above your head and you pull it down towards your waist. You have to be careful because it goes back so far, you have to use the foot bar to get it back into place properly or you WILL injure your shoulders. Anyways, before when I have used it and pull it down, it would stop at my hips because they were too wide to fit past the bars. Today? The bar still brushes my hips but I was able to complete the full pull down because my hips have SHRUNK.

So chalk up two mini-victories for me today. A lot more to go, but I can do it. Tackling my food intake is another set of battles that I am getting better with, but I want to improve. New set of battles is to ensure that I take time for myself to relax so I am balanced.

Happy Thursday

Mods if this is not allowed please delete.

Happy Thursday!

I think I have a cold so I’m feeling kinda yucky today. Sorry I missed yesterday but it was busy and I had to leave early to go to the doc. Well the doc told me that I have arthritis in my left knee. Well Duh? Like I didn’t know that, but it’s not progressed enough to do anything yet. So I get to hurt and deal with it. I paid $35 to be told to take Tylenol and rub some cream on my leg. Wow. Thanks there doc, I could have saved the money and just kept doing what I’ve been doing. Go figure.

Anywhooooo…. Yesterday was my anniversary. The anniversary of the day I started my weight loss journey. I had my surgery in November but I started changing my eating habits on September 21, 2010. Yes, I wrote it down. Yes I weighed. Since that day I have lost 110 pounds. I can tell you that I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be able to lose that much weight even after the surgery. My BFF will tell you I didn’t think it would work as well as it has. I’m the eternal pessimist. I always assume it’s not going to work but I kept going day after day and it has worked and is still working. Slowly, right now, oh sooooo slowly the weight has been coming off.

I get disgusted and flail about some days. I’m not going to lie, but overall I’m still being consistent with my rules. Rules? What rules? You ask. Well I have certain rules that I go by each day.  Well to quote Barbossa, they are more like guidelines. LOL.

1. Try to get at least 65-75 grams of protein a day. That much protein will keep the muscles from being lost along with the fat. Muscle tissue breaks down easier so it’s much more important to eat protein and exercise so you won’t lose the muscle.

2. Eat very few carbs. I will read packages and choose the one with the least amount of carbs. As we have discussed before carbs turn to sugar and sugar is empty calories that can easily convert to fat.

3. No carbonated beverages. I know most everyone in the US drinks them but I still refuse. They can make your stomach swell and stretch and the caffeine makes you feel hungry. Plus when I drink them they make me feel bloated and gassy. I know TMI but really stop drinking them for a while and see how much better you feel. I do still drink a cup or two of coffee most days and hot tea when I’m sick.

4. Eat very little sugar. I can’t eat a lot of sugar after my surgery, nasty dumping syndrome, but still keep your sugar to a minimum. See rule #2.

5. Keep treats you can eat. I love ice cream so I keep sugar free fudge pops or Eskimo pies at the house. They still have empty calories but everyone deserves a treat sometimes. If you indulge a little you won’t binge. Besides if they are sugar free they will have fewer calories. Most of the fudge pops are about 20-40 calories each. You can afford that splurge. Read nutritional info on foods you will learn a lot about what you are eating.

6. Try to eat more veggies. Most veggies have very few calories. Now some are pure starch and you shouldn’t eat so much of those. Corn for example is basically all starch. See rule #2. Veggies are full of vitamins and minerals which are important to your overall health if you don’t cook them to death. If you over cook veggies you cook the nutrition right out of them. Steaming is the best way to prepare most veggies and skip the cheese sauce more calories you don’t need. Just a dash of some spices and you are all set.

7. Drink water! I cannot emphasize it enough. Our bodies are mostly made up of water. Since I’ve stopped drinking sodas and drink mostly water I have quit having problems with retaining fluids.

8. Be happy. I know that is silly but it is so true. If you are happy where you are then what does it matter if you are not a size two? I’ll be honest with you very few people have the correct body structure to be that size anyway. My body frame is too big to be that size. If you stripped all the flesh away from my bones, I’ll bet my skeleton wouldn’t fit into a size two pair of jeans. I’m just built bigger than that.  It’s a fact. Nothing I can do about it. Find your happy place and work on maintaining it.  Let the dead bury the dead.

You are doing this, one day at a time. I’m proud of you. Keep up the hard work and it will slowly pay off.

Happy Day,

I posted this yesterday on my blog...

(Decided to cross=post to my personal journal under a weight loss filter and to here)

For some back story, I read this article that made me change up my routine and how I wanted to handle this journey. From now on, I will be cross-posting from my blog just to keep myself accountable with others and to help with encouragement. Mine and anyone else.

Second weights day. I remembered that I am not going to be lifting any trucks anytime soon, so I wasn't too hard on myself for having to lower a couple weights so I didn't injure myself and I didn't push to go just one more circuit when my body was already bitching at me for having dared dragging it out of bed early to go workout. So Monday, this is what I did:

  • Vertical chest press- starting at 80 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Compound row- 85 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Overhead press- 60 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Super pullover- 150 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Preacher curl- 55 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Lower back- 165 lbs- 6 reps- 2 circuits

  • Leg extension- 160 lbs- 6 reps- 2 circuits

  • Seated leg curl- 100 lbs- 4 reps- 1 circuit

  • Leg press- 200 lbs- 6 reps- 2 circuits

Today I did this:

  • Vertical chest press- 80 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Compound row- 85 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Overhead press- 60 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Super pullover- 150 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Preacher curl- 55 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Lower back- 145 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Leg extension- 145 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

  • Leg press- 175 lbs- 6 reps- 3 circuits

This worked well for me. No major knee issues besides general creaky "Why are you making me do this?!" motions. Or rather... nothing that is going to keep me from continuing. My body is going to continuously protest regardless of what I am doing, at least till it adjusts and realizes that what I am doing really isn't bad for it.

So my goal this week and next is to continue the above training. The following week, I'll see if I can add in, at least, a 4th circuit, potentially a 5th. By the week of Labor Day weekend (as in the week that includes the Monday of Labor Day), I want to be at 6 reps/6 circuits. The week after that, I am going to try and increase the weights by 5-10 pounds.

I want to start hitting the gym even on my "cardio" days, which are my off weight days, but I still want to do something other than cardio which is why I'm toying with the idea of going to the gym, doing primarily cardio then lighter weights. Maybe half the weight I am doing on my main weight training days. I'll try that next week, because my thought is that if I do that, I would get in 2 days of the cardio/lighter weights. I am horrible about getting in exercise on the weekends unless we are hiking, so I am thinking 5 days a week is good and if I get in some extra cardio by walking/hiking, that works too.

Oh and I wasn't too sore yesterday when I woke after doing the heavier lift. There was some tenderness of sore muscles, but nothing that had me moaning and groaning as if I'd never lift another weight again. This shows me that the weights I am lifting are enough to work the muscles but not enough to make me hurt so much that I don't want to go again. I still think I need to get to a chiropractor and get aligned as well as some type of massage; whether it's a Tai Chi Yoga massage, a deep tissue massage or a general massage. Just to keep me loose and limber. In the next couple months, I want to get back into BodyFlow or at least doing Yoga at home.

It's raining in Alabama

“Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.”

Yep the old song says a mouthful with just a few words. If you are like most people some days you just feel a little down. However, some of the people in the world have more than just a case of the blahs, they suffer from depression.

I have been taking anti-depressant medications since 1998. If I don’t take my meds I am useless. I won’t get out of bed and I really don’t care if I live or die. Depression is a treatable illness caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. It is not something to be ashamed of nor should it carry the stigma that you are crazy. You are not crazy your brain chemistry just works differently than someone else.

However, depression has a major link with obesity. Many children are taught from a young age to associate food with happiness. You scraped your knee, have a cookie you’ll feel better. That is what comfort food is all about. When you are down most people eat. I know I do. I’m a self confessed stress eater. When I’m stressed my stomach feels like there is an alligator eating me from the inside out.

Don’t fall into that trap. If you find yourself craving food ask yourself a few simple questions.

1.  Am I hungry? Most people snack because they are bored. If you are hungry your stomach will tell you.

2.  Do I really want a whole chocolate bar? I have found that low calorie fudge pops are awesome. I eat the no sugar added ones and they have about 40 calories and calm the chocolate craving

3.  Am I really just thirsty? Dehydration can trigger hunger craving when all your body really needs is a good glass of cold water. Try drinking a glass of water before you eat that bag of chips.

4.  Is this boredom talking? If you are really bored get out and take a quick stroll that will get the blood pumping and quell that hunger.

Remember no one is responsible for you but YOU! Make it happen. If you are not happy with where you are change it. Don’t wait until Monday, or next week, do it now. Start with the next thing that goes in your mouth. I keep a picture of me when I was 100 pounds heavier hanging over my desk. It keeps me motivated.

“Winners Are People Like You”

Winners take chances.

They fear failing, but they don’t give up.

When life gets rough, they hang in until the going gets better.

Winners know that they are not perfect.

They respect their weaknesses, while making the most of their strengths.

Winners fall, but they don’t stay down.

Winners are positive thinkers who see good in all things.

From the ordinary, they make the extraordinary.

Winners believe in the path they have chosen,

Even when it is hard,

Even when others can’t see where they are going.

You are your own greatest asset.

There is nothing you cannot do.

Winners are people like you.

Always believe in yourself and your goals and never give up.

Nancye Sims

 “It’s not the will to win but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference.”

Paul “Bear” Bryant.


Are you a winner? I think you are. You just don’t know it yet.


Go Hard or Go Home


Happy Tuesday. Mods if this is not allowed please delete. Since it's been kinda quiet on here recently I thought I would post my daily update that I sent to my group at work. As you may or may not know, most of the US is gripped in a heat wave.  Right now it is 91 degrees outside and it feels like 99! That's too freaking hot.

Yeah, I know, big whoop. Lol.

My trusty BFF, Kathleen and I walked 1.8 miles yesterday and it was HOT!!! HOT, HOT, HOT! Whew. It was so hot that my dog, Jack, lay down on me while walking. That was when I knew it was time to turn around and get back to the house. So today in the interest of not having a heat stroke I’ve packed the old gym bag and am going to the gym.

How are you doing? Are you making goals? Are you attaining any? Anything good or bad happening? Email the group. We are here for support.

A myth that I keep seeing is running across is on my mind today. Are you not losing but your clothes are fitting better? Well maybe you are toning up. The old myth that muscle weighs more that fat is just that, a myth.

Which weighs more a pound of feathers or a pound of iron?

BZZZT! They both weigh a pound. The feathers just take up more room. The same goes with fat. A pound of fat takes up more room than a pound of muscle. That’s why you may still be weighing the same but you clothes are loose. More muscle mass will rev up that metabolism and make you a lean, mean, fat burning machine!

Here are some hot weather exercise tips from Good Housekeeping

When the temperature's high, motivation can be low. Plus, you have the excuse that exerting yourself might be dangerous! Sorry, pal, but you can still walk, jog, or bike without suffering sunstroke. Just take these precautions:

Drink up before you're thirsty. Once you start craving water, you're already 3 percent dehydrated. To avoid that, drink two to three cups a few hours before you work out. Ten minutes before, have another cup — and one cup every 15 to 20 minutes while you're exercising. If you're a swimmer, follow the same plan — just because you're surrounded by water doesn't mean it's keeping you hydrated.

Eat often. Dieters often count on summer heat to kill their appetite — but exercising without enough fuel is dangerous. No one's suggesting a huge plate of pasta. But if you're going to work out, snack throughout the day on lettuce, carrots, grapefruit, and apples — all great hot-weather picks because they're naturally filled with water.

Avoid high-heat hours. Hit the streets before 10 a.m. and after 3 p.m. Another stay-cool tip: Run or walk on dirt paths instead of sun-absorbing pavement.

Sport the right gear. To deflect, not absorb, the sun's rays, wear loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing. Try cotton or "wicking" fabrics, which move sweat away from your body, or these GHRI-tested sun-safe clothes. And don't forget your head: A hat or visor with a four-inch brim will best protect your face.

Slather on sunscreen every two hours. SPF 30 or higher is recommended. Burns aren't just bad for your complexion; they also raise your body temperature.


Go Hard or Go Home!