Queen Midalah of Nebula (queenmidalah) wrote in gohard_brah,
Queen Midalah of Nebula

Run for your lives!

Starting next week, I am making myself get back on the wagon. In 13 weeks, I will be participating in the Baltimore leg of Run For Your Lives. I am going to use the Couch-to-5K training program to train. The training program is for 9 weeks, so I figure if I end up repeating the first 4 weeks to help build my endurance, it's okay because I have 13 weeks starting next week until the 5K, so that's plenty of time for me to make sure I stick to the training plan, plus my weight training I want to do, to get closer to a better shape than I am in and do this.

While I know that I can also walk the course, but I really do want to try and jog and get my endurance up since this is also an obstacle course on top of a 5K. I'm really looking forward to it as well. I hope that the wave I want to get into doesn't fill up- though I think I am just going to suck it up and register tomorrow so I know. I'm a little nervous, I admit.

So next week is me, essentially, rebooting. Because I'm giving myself a part-way goal to reach by participating in this 5K. And since I get paid tomorrow, this also means I can start budgeting better for fruits and veggies to do my green smoothies. When I did them almost every day last week, they seemed to boost me a bit more. If I can get on a regular regime of having them in the mornings and maybe a smaller one at night, I think it'll help greatly. The e-booklet I got on that was very informative.
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