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Check-In and Rant

life's been a tad bit hard for me in the past few weeks. I generally go to work when it's dark and it's dark out, when I leave work again. And I'm busy running through the lab during work. But that unfortunately means that I neglected working out. Mostly running/jogging was affected and I really need to kick my butt into going again. But running really isn't much fun, when your arm feels like it doesn't belong to you.
I've unfortunately got an inflamed nerve in my elbow, which means that my fingers randomly fall asleep, my elbow hurts and sometimes the whole arm feels numb and like it's not really attached. It's slowly getting better, but the doctor has forbidden me to do anything strenuous with the arm to not aggravate it even more. Which is logical, but still annoying. So most of my work-out routine I do at home fell flat.
That's been going on now for three weeks and I have another five ahead of me, before I have to go and get the nerve tested again. I still do some basic core-work out without using my arms and I ignored the order not to drive my bike, because I refuse to take the urban railway. But I did canceled my weekend trips into the forest. That annoys me incredible and I'm rather frustrated at the moment and the longer it goes on, the worse it gets.

I do hope your past weeks have been better. Check-In with your progress reports, I need something positive :)
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I've made several attempts to start exercising, all of which failed. I always started with some form of cardio because it doesn't involve equipment. It turns out that I hate cardio. This time around I started with weights, and much to my surprise I discovered I enjoy that a lot. I've been consistently working with weights for a month now and have managed to increase both the weight I'm working with and the number of sets I can do. I won't be setting any records ever, but at least I've finally managed to find something I enjoy doing. I know I need to work some cardio in eventually, but right now I'm focusing on making weight training a habit.
That sounds absolutely great.
Finding a starting point for sports is always difficult, then comes the part were you have to stay motivated. But that is far easier when you see results.
You could start cardio training by going swimming, that's an easy thing to do in winter.
I never actually learned to swim. My mom took me for lessons when I was little, but I hated it so much it gave me stomachaches from stress and I cried the whole time. I figured I'd start with walking around the retention pond at my apartment complex (there's a path around it about half a mile long), and if we get as much snow this year as we did last year, I was thinking of trying snowshoeing.
I actually hate swimming :) Which is why triathlon is always such a pain in the ass :).
Walking is also a good start. There are lots of plans online to go from 0 to 30 min jogging, or try cycling.
I've now started with yoga and found it really relaxing. But at least I manages to kick my butt into jogging again.
Unfortunately the snow is lacking massively in Europe right now, but my Snowboard vacation is in February. Still enough time for snow to fall :) and to get fit for it.
I bought a Wii on Black Friday and have been doing Just Dance 3. I have been having such fun I didn't really realize I had been doing it for an hour and a half today. I sweat like a pig but it's soo much more fun that trudging on the treadmill.
I bought some new pants this weekend. I've gone down Five sizes in jeans. FIVE! I iz excite!
Wow, 5 sizes is awesome. So definitely a congrats for that :)
I took my running clothing with me to work yesterday and started off right after quitting time. The track I'm running there is along the Main and it's illuminated. I'll be doing the same tomorrow and hope that that way I'll get back to jogging regularly again.
Always have and probably always will sweat like an old donkey, but I've gotten used to it :)