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Run for your lives!

Starting next week, I am making myself get back on the wagon. In 13 weeks, I will be participating in the Baltimore leg of Run For Your Lives. I am going to use the Couch-to-5K training program to train. The training program is for 9 weeks, so I figure if I end up repeating the first 4 weeks to help build my endurance, it's okay because I have 13 weeks starting next week until the 5K, so that's plenty of time for me to make sure I stick to the training plan, plus my weight training I want to do, to get closer to a better shape than I am in and do this.

While I know that I can also walk the course, but I really do want to try and jog and get my endurance up since this is also an obstacle course on top of a 5K. I'm really looking forward to it as well. I hope that the wave I want to get into doesn't fill up- though I think I am just going to suck it up and register tomorrow so I know. I'm a little nervous, I admit.

So next week is me, essentially, rebooting. Because I'm giving myself a part-way goal to reach by participating in this 5K. And since I get paid tomorrow, this also means I can start budgeting better for fruits and veggies to do my green smoothies. When I did them almost every day last week, they seemed to boost me a bit more. If I can get on a regular regime of having them in the mornings and maybe a smaller one at night, I think it'll help greatly. The e-booklet I got on that was very informative.

Check In

so a month as passed (roughly) since I last posted and I managed to lose a bit over two pounds so I'm now weighting in at 146,5 lbs. I changed my eating habits over the past month, less sweets and more fruit and vegetables and I decreased my portion sizes. I already feel healthier :) and that is awesome, so the stress at work isn't getting to me that much. I'm pretty use doing yoga is also helping immensely, because whenever I feel overwhelmed by work I just take ten minutes, do a few poses and feel more relaxed and ready to go at it.
I've also added some ski workout to my routine, because I'm off to my snowboard vacation in a mere two weeks. And that too is a major pick-me up.
Hope that your first month in this new year was equally successful


Happy New Year

I hope that everyone had a great start into the new year and that you all had some great holidays.
But now it's time to get back up on the horse (so to speak :)) and get back to working out. So I started the new year with a nice 5K run and twenty minutes of yoga.
I'm currently weighting in at 149 lbs and I hope to get down to 143 lb by March. And I'd like to run 10K by February. That's my New Year's resolutions. What's yours?
And also: Nothing is impossible:

Check-In and Rant

life's been a tad bit hard for me in the past few weeks. I generally go to work when it's dark and it's dark out, when I leave work again. And I'm busy running through the lab during work. But that unfortunately means that I neglected working out. Mostly running/jogging was affected and I really need to kick my butt into going again. But running really isn't much fun, when your arm feels like it doesn't belong to you.
I've unfortunately got an inflamed nerve in my elbow, which means that my fingers randomly fall asleep, my elbow hurts and sometimes the whole arm feels numb and like it's not really attached. It's slowly getting better, but the doctor has forbidden me to do anything strenuous with the arm to not aggravate it even more. Which is logical, but still annoying. So most of my work-out routine I do at home fell flat.
That's been going on now for three weeks and I have another five ahead of me, before I have to go and get the nerve tested again. I still do some basic core-work out without using my arms and I ignored the order not to drive my bike, because I refuse to take the urban railway. But I did canceled my weekend trips into the forest. That annoys me incredible and I'm rather frustrated at the moment and the longer it goes on, the worse it gets.

I do hope your past weeks have been better. Check-In with your progress reports, I need something positive :)


Hi folks,

First of all, I am so psyched this community exists. Ever since I started watching H5-0 a couple of months ago the whole team has been my inspiration and motivation. I've set myself the goal of learning to surf next summer (I'm in Australia, so next December), and have started training for it by doing Body Balance once a week (Mix of yoga, pilates and tai chi for core strength and balance), and Swimming (obvious reasons) to condition my body. I'm at about 85kg now, although this time around (repeat offender...) I'm trying to focus less on my weight and more on changing up my lifestyle. I've been doing Karate for over a year and want to involve more exercises that I find fun and challenging, not just repetitive workouts.
        I enjoy running but have foot/leg problems that my podiatrist hasn't been able to help with, no matter how much money I throw at him >.< I'm thinking of seeing a Chiroprachter to see if that will help. This community doesn't seem very active but just having a place to come and chart my own progress will help.

Sooo....am I the only one that sometimes imagines Steve pushing them on during a workout?